The Clockwork Renegades Duology

Warning, may contain spoilers for Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Clockwork Renegades

Clockwork Renegades Vol 2

At this stage, no. If I did decide to write a further story in the Clockwork Renegades world, it would be with different characters and would possibly be a prequel rather than a continuation of the current story.
Like many old castles, there are secret view points into certain rooms, like the peephole Glitch uses to watch Alex paint. The Queen uses the Automaton dolls she has created as spies to monitor Glitch’s movements through these points.
The Queen grew up with a deep seated sense of self loathing that had been instilled in her by her father. Like many LGBTQ+ people brought up in environments where they have been taught to hate themselves and to hate others like them, she has a constant conflict within her between what she feels and what she has been taught. As much as she tries to rebel in her having the relationships she was indoctrinated into believing are wrong, she still has the self loathing that she then reflects onto others like her instead because she doesn’t know how to process the complex mix of emotion she feels.