About the Author

A former paramedic with a borderline obsession with musical theatre and a love of books that started with ‘A House on Pooh Corner’ read to her by her father.
She is South African born and has been writing since childhood, focusing on High Fantasy and Steampunk with the occasional foray into Horror and poetry.
She debuted with a short story ‘Last Hope’ in the anthology; ‘Ethereal’. She has since released a Steampunk inspired Novella Duology, ‘Clockwork Renegades’.
Ashleigh draws and paints in her spare time and lives with her wonderful wife and their clowder of cats.


Clockwork Renegades is a refreshing addition to the South African fiction scene. This Victorian steampunk pulls from parts of history and Hattingh-Macfie’s own unique imagination. The characters, especially Alex, grow a lot throughout the story and how they start out is very different to how they end, and the ending leaves you wanting book 2 to come out soon!

Kelan Gerriety

– goodreads review

It feels like I start off all of my reviews with this. But I do. I’m not a huge fan of fantasy, or steampunk. I’m a vampire girl. And with that in mind, it should be taken as highest praise from me that I loved this, as much as I loved its predecessor.
As a South African myself, I am so thrilled to find SA authors writing something beyond the norm of what we find within our own sphere of reference. Moreover, it’s rare to find an author with such a solid grasp of the epic tale of the hero.
Hattingh Macfie is spectacular at the craft. She really brings it home with this one.

Carmen Taxer

– goodreads review

Interesting mix of stories of voices, well worth the read.

Bradley Gibb

– goodreads review

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Clockwork Renegades Vol. 1

Volume one of a Victorian Steampunk inspired duology.

Clockwork Renegades Vol. 2

Volume two of a Victorian Steampunk inspired duology.


A multi-author anthology. The stories range from Dark Fantasy through to Light Horror.