I'm Ashleigh Hattingh Macfie

A former paramedic with a borderline obsession with musical theatre and a love of books that started with 'A House on Pooh Corner read to me by my father Dave Macfie. I have been writing since childhood, focusing on High Fantasy and Steampunk with the occasional foray into Horror and poetry. I Debuted with a short story 'Last Hope' in the anthology; 'Ethereal'. and have since released a Steampunk inspired Novella Duology, 'Clockwork Renegades'. I draw and paint in my spare time and live with my wonderful wife and our clowder of cats.

Published Works

Tropes in Fiction

Tropes in Fiction

Have you recently read a book where an orphan becomes the chosen one and saves the world? How about one where two characters fall in love with the same person and that person has to choose who to be with? Yes? Well, welcome to tropes. A trope, as defined in the literature, is a 'convention or device that establishes a predictable or stereotypical representation of a character, setting, or scenario in a creative work.'

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